Month: December 2014

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I want to open this correspondence by sharing my rich and deeply felt thanks for all those who completed the Courage Challenge and whose emails & posts illuminated for me just what a tremendous gift courage can be…..and that indeed, small steps over time can transform our own definition of self and belief in our ability to take possibility and turn it into opportunity….and ultimately a resonate feeling of success that is not only bottom line deep, but chest deep too. The heart pumping kind of life we all want to be living. So, thank you…each and every one.

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Now for something entirely different:


I want to talk about making it – money, friends, connections, love.


All of these things have one essential thing in common and it only just occured to me when I was talking with people two weeks ago when I was doing my European speaking tour for Global Entrepreneurship Week.


Making it always comes down to something too many of us are afraid of….it all comes down to sales.


Yes, sales.

Here are the three things I can share with you about sales that can go straight to the bottom line for money, level of connection with friends, ability to expand your network with connections and depth of intimacy with the one you love.



Sales is not about making someone want something they don’t need. It is about giving someone the opportunity to see what you have as a solution to nourishing the want or need they have. if you are not doing this, no matter how much you are making now, it will run out. Long term success requires meeting a real need on a level that provides a solution – not just a sale.

Provide a solution.



Every transaction is based on trust.

Quickies are cheap – fast sales, fast friends, a quick business card swap…..this is the one hit wonderland of life an business – you get one hit, feel wonderful but nothing foundational comes of it. Certainly, nothing one can build a solid business, relationship or life on ever comes from these interactions.

Yes, we tend to lack the patience it takes to try and test trust so that we may build something lasting. Then we wonder why no one buys, connects back when we reach out, calls back the next day. It is all about the slow burn…the trust that makes impactful bottom line changing transactions take place.

Let trust build, embrace the slow burn.


There comes a time when you just have to ask for it, hinting, assuming and alluring won’t do. If you want it, you’ve got to go out and ask outright for it. But wait. Before you do – take these three BONUS tips from me: (1) Think before you ask, is now the time that is right for them? (2) Am I communicating my ask in a way the other person can digest and make a decision upon with ease? (3) Am I proposing a sale/interaction that is respectful of where our relationship is at?

Once you have answered thee questions, formulate your ask and then simply provide the other person with your solution in a way that clearly addresses their want/need and make your ask proportionate to the amount of trust you have built to date.

It is the same around the world, every one of us is engaging in relationships, businesses, transactions daily that we work on in order to build ourselves the business and life we want. Every interaction is a small piece of a larger knit of experience, exposure, expansion and ultimately courageous action – trust and an ask…..for what we really want. For that thing we have been working for.

What are you working for? What are you building daily?

Let’s get to the heart of it in the comments below…..what do you want?

I’ll share what I want too and more on how to build what you want most too.

Join me in comments below and engage now.

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