Over the past three years, I have been collecting resources from others, conferences, coaches, and friends. All of them collected for myself and my clients to help identify how we project ourselves and understand ourselves….how others see us so that we might be better able to understand how we are positioned and see opportunities to represent ourselves accordingly and authentically.

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I’ve just returned from three days in New York and I have something illuminating to share with you.

Imagine three days, closed rooms, confidential conversations, only thirty some of us and among some of the most successful female entrepreneurs in North America. When I am in these rooms I feel like my head is in a pin ball machine….insights and ideas flying everywhere, I can almost hear the pinging sounds as the points stack up and I hit a big ah-ha moment.

This was mine and I know that if you take 5 minutes to answer the questions at the end, you and your business will deliver results that are bigger, more refined and you will do it faster than you have been. No doubt.

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