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I’ve just returned from three days in New York and I have something illuminating to share with you.

Imagine three days, closed rooms, confidential conversations, only thirty some of us and among some of the most successful female entrepreneurs in North America. When I am in these rooms I feel like my head is in a pin ball machine….insights and ideas flying everywhere, I can almost hear the pinging sounds as the points stack up and I hit a big ah-ha moment.

This was mine and I know that if you take 5 minutes to answer the questions at the end, you and your business will deliver results that are bigger, more refined and you will do it faster than you have been. No doubt.

Remembering that every person is the centre of their own lives or businesses, it is our stories that set the barometer of what we are interested in and capable of. So, it is important to point out two things before we begin;

(1) You are the organizing principle. Everything around you is like a fleck of iron filings while you are the magnet. The energy you have will act to arrange how the people, circumstances, and opportunities around you will organize. You are the organizing principle.

(2) Your stories are true. Have you ever read an un-edited masterpiece? Whether you are or are not capable of doing that thing you have always wanted to do, you are right. It is your stories that write the way and when left unedited, it is unlikely that you will write the masterpiece you have in you.

Now for the ah-ha.

Core beliefs are the essence of both my energy & my editor. Core beliefs power both my organizing principle and masterpiece in the making.

Here is the comment & question most people I have shared this with over the past couple of days have asked: “I have beliefs but nothing I would call universally core and well defined… do I work out my core beliefs? How many should I have? Are they different when it comes to work and my life otherwise?”

Really, when you come to it, being nice and fair and a few other standard issue rules we all learned in kindergarden are not going to separate the average in me from the extraordinary. We all know work begets reward, so when I set out to figure out my core beliefs it was indeed some work. I did this work when I was at a significant pivot point in my life and I needed to get damn clear on what I was going to do next. I didn’t want to get clear, I needed to get clear and I knew it.

How does one work out their core beliefs? One could approach this many ways and the list is long. I run a full day workshop that unearths core beliefs and distills them for individuals, but you could journal, meditate, look to deeply held beliefs…really the list is endless. The two greatest obstacles I see are making the time to reflect and secondly, for many, unearthing core beliefs is a process that self-guiding through does not work for. I’ll level with you on this, most of us never clearly define our core beliefs until we are faced with mortality, a significant life-altering event, or we make the time to stop everything else and focus on getting truly clear.

How many should you have? I believe you should have as many as you have. Some people I have worked with have as little as three, others have as many as 20. You will only know once you do the work to find them and clarify them, exactly how many core beliefs you have that truly count.

Do they differ between work and all other life? They shouldn’t. But operationally, many of us walk around with an unclear list of core beliefs and un-edited stories that we selectively apply either at work or at home and in my opinion, in doing so, we contribute ever more to a sense of an imbalanced life between work and life outside of our careers.

After spending three days with women who have gone from literally nothing to raising over 100 million or from an idea over lunch to having a global business operating in 37 countries, you come to see some unifying principles that work for us all and what does not. Every woman there was a no B.S. kind of gal whether quietly or overtly….many of our conversations were so raw they included tears, hugs, triumphs and cemented lifelong relationships. What each of those women unearthed and apply is an unclouded and fully explored knowing of our guiding principles and consistent editing of our stories. It is what has driven many of us through the dark times and illuminated the way for tough decisions to be made, kept us on track and in some cases, given us permission to change tracks entirely.

I found out while sitting amongst these women that we all have stories that need editing, we all have beliefs that need clarifying but the moment you choose to commit to creating a masterpiece is the moment you can not help but find a way to get clear on those core beliefs and get editing those stories that don’t serve you anymore.

Always candid, I’ll share with you this, I am clear on my core beliefs and am thankful for this every day….as for the stories, every day is a job in editing because I speak to myself in a way I would never allow anyone else to speak to me…and that is just the truth. However, I keep working at it because I am ever committed to the masterpiece. My masterpiece isn’t about perfection….I don’t believe in perfection. My masterpiece is about potential and what I choose to do with it to make my life and the lives of those around me richer in every way.

You and I share an interest in realizing our own potential, so I am curious:

Are your core beliefs so clear that you could list them right now?

If no, what will happen to your masterpiece if you do nothing about defining them?

Here’s to creating your masterpiece, I’m right here with ya.

If you had the courage to answer, I mean really answer these questions – I’d welcome your feedback and findings. What did you love or hate or want to tell me…..the more raw and candid the better, it’s how I work. So, let’s connect if it serves you. Email me Kelsey at


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