Default Future

We all have a default future…..when we use definitions it’s what happens when the user does not pre-select one of the options, the default is what the user gets.

That user is us, the human, the person living amongst the options and do nothing to strategically select between the options before us (obvious or otherwise) results in a default future.

In my time I’ve both passively, almost resigned, allowed the default future to unfold on occasion or fought the default future tooth and nail though taking action daily to change that fate I saw before me should I not choose to take action.

I’m not one to judge, both serve us.

That said, one generally feels a heck of a lot better than the other.

Seeing as my path to success was not a straight line….I thought I would share something with you that has helped me break my status quo and attack the default future when it was not feeling so bright.

I developed it over time, tested it and I can tell you in no uncertain terms that if you want to really see where you are stuck or the status quo has you on lock down, this will do it.

*Note – Yes, this looks like an MBA model and yes, I have an MBA but this model; I created myself and I am about to explain how to use it… non-MBA speak, jargon free.

First – get out your iCal or Google Cal or To Do List or whatever you tracked your last week of activities on.

Second – plot every singe activity in the blue square.

Up arrow means that doing it requires you to use new systems, it’s new (ask for help, new technology, go a different way). Down arrow means that how you do it is how you have always done it, it’s old (you know this way, it’s always been done this way). Right arrow means that doing it challenges existing beliefs, it’s hard (am I really against X?, why is that guy a jerk again?, what if….?). Left arrow supports existing beliefs, it’s easy (I’ve always believed…, She would never do that., Bad people do X.).

Further out into the corners means it is ‘more’ – harder, easier, newer, older. Closer into the axis or center means it is a little bit harder, newer, easier or older.

Third – once you have plotted every activity – look at where most of your work or life is being conducted. Ask why.

If you are living mostly in the bottom left corner – you might be in status quo staring out at a default future because nothing is apt to change any time fast when you live your life down here. Sure it’s comfortable and safe, for now, until it’s not….and we know it never end up comfortable and safe when the unknown future requires change and you are in default mode…..because then you simply get what you get, usually it is the leftovers.

If you are living in the top right corner, you are in full gear adaptor mode, hair back and shaking up the party. Bottom right and top left, testing waters, gaining some momentum in places or settling into new ideas or actions – well played.

I have a collection of dots all over the map – but right now I am mostly top right and top left…..I’ve just moved out of a period of top right bottom right (but we can talk about that another time).

I’m curious where you are at? Top, bottom, left, right, all over?

I’m curious if you want adaptation – movement – for some of those dots to be less default.

If so, I’d like you to be sure to listen to my show, Futureproofing.  It just finished the first season with hours of conversations I have had with people who have been all over the map but who have decided to take action and start Futureproofing. It has been years of experience in the making and months of conversations collected. It is unedited, raw and real….and gives you access to some of the people and ideas most coveted today.

I am so excited and honoured to be bringing these stories, strategies, and conversations between friends here for all of us to hear, discuss and share.

It truly has been my honour to do this work for us all. For the creators, the passionate, innovators and up-levelers, rebel hearts and brilliant minds who know there is a conversation to be had around what it takes to break the status quo, to adapt and evolve and to become a leader in one’s life, business, and industry.

Here’s to you, to creating great work, to tough conversations with self and others….

Thank you for being a part of this, I am honoured to have you here.


PS – send me an email if you want to talk about your default future model….I’d seriously love it.

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