How Others See You

Over the past three years, I have been collecting resources from others, conferences, coaches, and friends. All of them collected for myself and my clients to help identify how we project ourselves and understand ourselves….how others see us so that we might be better able to understand how we are positioned and see opportunities to represent ourselves accordingly and authentically.

The best introduction is one that needs no words, the kind where people in your presence are able to interpret how you present yourself such that they form a solid foundation from which to build their understanding of who you are.

One free resource I have found interesting is the RHETI Sampler Personality Test. This is a good little test that can help you see yourself first so you can contrast how you see yourself and next, how you reflect yourself to others (coming up below).

I am a Type 7  most of the time and occasionally a Type 3…they battle for first and second place. Sometimes the results of the test will vary depending on your frame of mind, but they will not vary much. I like to say when I am my best self I am a 7 when I am my doubting self I am a 3.

The second resource is one I paid for, created by Sally Hogshead who wrote the Fascination Advantage and who does a remarkable job of nailing how you project yourself.

Her test nails it – and you will be downright blown by what you read…..sometimes it hit too close to true for me and I got that feeling of discomfort one gets when a negative personal trait comes to light….but it’s something that serves you….like my notoriously high expectations.

If you take this test you will find out how you fascinate people and gain interest….what is it that draws people to you as you project yourself to them. Fascinating indeed.

I am the Provocateur. Combining mystique and innovation I project being clever, adept and contemporary. You can judge for yourself how decent a job the test does by my telling you this…and your experience getting my notes, on the site or working with me. Check out the test here if you have never: (ps – I’m not an affiliate….no palm scratching here)

Perhaps in divulging all of my scores I’ve blown the mystique part 🙂


You might wonder why all of this matters anyways, can we really affect how others perceive us?


Yes, we can and we should.


We should because it is only fair to both those who encounter us and ourselves to accurately and authentically present who we are through our words, actions and image. All three must be aligned for the whole picture to make sense, for trust to be built. After all, all human transactions are based on trust. Whether you are doing business or in personal relationships, trust is foundational and essential for growth.

I hope you give these tests a try……and that you like what you see.

With truth, trust, and purpose

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