I woke up this morning and read the post I was drafting for you, except it was already in my inbox and was written by Seth Godin…well, part of it.


“No one knows the right answer, no one knows precisely what will happen, no one can produce the desired future, on demand.


Some people are better at guessing than others, but not by much.


The people who are supposed to know rejected Harry Potter, Tracy Chapman and the Beatles. The people who are supposed to know sell stocks just before they go up, and give us rules of thumb that don’t pan out.


If you mistakenly believe that there’s someone who knows, you’re likely to decide that whoever that person it is, it’s not you.


And if it’s not you, what a great reason to hesitate.


In fact, the gap isn’t between the people who know and those that don’t. It’s between the people who show up with their best work, and those that hold back. ” – Seth Godin


If success & happiness depends on showing up and doing your best work, why hesitate?


I can’t speak for you, but I know why I have hesitated, shown up and given just 90%, hid out , hardly showed up at all or totally stalled out: Uncertainty.


Although it makes no sense, somehow we tend to stay in unsatisfactory conditions waiting for certainty to show up. We wait for that ‘someone who knows’ to give us the nod or the golden ticket, to tell us that we can proceed.

No one knows.


Your best bet is you, and the golden ticket is already yours.

People tend to find their golden ticket when they decide that the cost to do nothing and continue accepting unsatisfactory conditions is greater than what it will take to shed the comfort of hesitation.


In my experience, shedding hesitation takes two ingredients:

(1) Clarity

(2) Calculation


Clarity – To understand what you want and why you want it.

This is your why.


Calculation – To understand how you will take the first step, and navigate each step thereafter.

This is your how.


In order to maintain momentum you need both a why and how…..and both need to be deeply rooted.



I wonder where our best work could take us if we stopped hesitating.


Where would it take you?


I’d Love to hear from you.


Comment below and tell me how you deal with hesitation and doing your best work. 


I am particularly interested in what you have to say because you and I are both keen to show up and do our best work. It’s why you and I are connected after all. 


Without hesitation, from the Barefoot Boardroom,



From ramping up a road building company to developing children’s toys, to becoming a TEDx Speaker and Branson Centre Mentor, I’ve climbed my way to the spot of Canada’s #1 female entrepreneur.

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    • Glenda,
      I could not agree more….do what you hate first.
      I was watching a great documentary called Okpicks Dream about an Inuit fellow who lost his leg. He relayed his story of how he returned to feeling like himself again. He relays a story of a friend who said “If you do not do it, the fear is true, you have lost and will never overcome. However if you try, you will know.” I thought it was such a great example of what so many of us do….let the fear decide our loss before we even test ourselves or try.

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