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Your audience demands and deserves takeaways, humour, connection and a keynote that makes their earth shake.

I shake paradigms and shift perspective. I connect.

From some of the largest global stages to the smallest private events, every talk is custom.

A warning or blessing: I am humble and real, I evoke laughter and pause alike, open to any question thrown at me, I am not status quo. Your audience can’t help but notice.

I design custom talks like:
Never Ready, Set, Go. – Winning at Innovation Using Adaptation, Screwing Ambiguity
Surviving Your Success – The Driven Leader’s Guide to Success 2.0 For YOU & Your Company
Risk: Opportunity With a Bad Nametag – Assess and Address Risk or Become Irrelevant
Exceptional – The 3E Model: How The Best Become and Stay Exceptions to the Rules and Then Write Them

November 2

Winnipeg Athena Leadership Conference

November 22

London TVSB – Private Event

November 22

Kitchner Bingemans Convention Center for FCC – Private Event

December 8

Toronto Private Event


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“Not only did she exceed our expectations but there was incredible buzz after the event. For everyone at the event, including our own WXN team, Kelsey provided a refreshing perspective on the business world, with concrete takeaways to serve as future inspiration.”

“Kelsey Ramsden’s talk was truly off the charts. Kelsey is a powerhouse and one-of-a-kind business woman. Her talk was inspiring, touching, motivating and actionable. The attendees loved Kelsey. She was a magnificent, energetic presence at the event. I would recommend Kelsey as a speaker if you are looking for a relatable and inspiring leader who gives valuable business and life advice by sharing her true story and insights..”

“Listening to Kelsey Ramsden was by far the most enjoyable moment of this event. She breaks through the typical behavior (stern, serious, polite, etc) of what successful women are to be like. She showed me you can be intelligent, humble and humorous at the same time and still garner respect.”

~WXN Network, Toronto
(Canada’s Most Powerful Women Breakfast Series)

~Nathalie Lussier, New York City
(Off The Charts Live)

~Event Attendee


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