When It’s Not OK – A Manifesto

A Manifesto For When It’s Not OK


Do not pretend.


If you want something, stop pretending that you don’t.


If you don’t want something, stop pretending that you do.


If you are settling or stalling or stuck all together, stop pretending that you aren’t.


I know the game, I played it well. Pretend.


Today I am answering a question from a fellow Barefoot Boardroom Member who responded to my email from last week and wrote:


“Kelsey, I loved your video today, you hit me right between the eyes.


Here’s the problem though, deep down even though I know there is more for me, more to me and even a part of me I never show, I feel like I have all of these dreams and ideas that I never get to because I am stuck pretending to be OK.


How can I do something about it when I spend most days convincing myself everything is OK?”


I recorded a little video where I share two things I spent too much time pretending about and my process for identifying, discovering and breaking the cycle of pretending or settling for just OK.

Watch the VIDEO Here (CLICK)

Connect with me and other Barefooters in the comments below (like way below….keep scrolling). Come share where you have been a pretender, what you have done to break through the ‘OK’ barrier. I’m interested to discover where we find common places to pretend that everything is OK, and where it is not.


I think we all have times and places in our lives & career where convincing ourselves that everything is OK can hold us back from getting what we really want.


Reality does not like pretend.


If we stop pretending we can find time to create a new reality.

The one we truly want. – Kelsey Ramsden



From ramping up a road building company to developing children’s toys, to becoming a TEDx Speaker and Branson Centre Mentor, I’ve climbed my way to the spot of Canada’s #1 female entrepreneur.

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  • Pretending will only make you more vulnerable. Pretending is denying yourself the truth and/ or what you deserve. We think it protects us from having to deal with more problems but it actually is only avoiding. This can affect your reputation, your relationships, and your health in a serious way. Consider using your heart and your emotions to guide you. Protect yourself when you see fit but don’t pretend like you should not feel the way you do. In other words don’t lie to yourself. Your emotions are the key to guiding you through the business world. If you can’t be honest with you, you create potential for vulnerability to hurt you. Vulnerability is a beautiful guide. Honor yourself and others by being more truthful and take courage.

    • Nicole – I agree deeply.
      Courage is key.
      Truth is power.
      I like how you put this.
      How do you keep yourself in check if/when you feel like you might be convincing yourself of something as opposed to being honest with yourself?

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